WANTED: Marvel
AGE:  18
FACE CLAIM: Jack Quaid

Marvel and Cato have been best friends since middle school. They met with their mutual love for comic books and zombie movies. They’ve been through everything together—from detention to streaking naked across the football field together as a dare. Their bromance knows no bounds.

(Details concerning his background/family are completely up to player)


WELCOME TO PANEM HIGH: Home of the Mockingjays!

This is an RP based on the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. It is set not in the distant post-apocalyptic future, however, but in our own universe at present-day—In High School. Having removed the social and political commentary about the Rebellion and the state of the world, what is left is the basis of character development. Here is where the fun begins.

Characters communicate via tumblr and AIM like normal teenagers.



Guys I need this. I play Cato and I need this. Cato tags everything relating to Marvel as #captainamerica. They’re going to see the Avengers together.

I swear to you. Marvel is not just some dumb minor character. He’s a gold mine of epic proportions. Tell your kids. Tell your wife.

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Three Fandoms United

(Mickey spelling fixed on website)

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TARCHWUD will open for everyone on Wednesday, December 14.  We look forward to seeing you all.

All the positions are still open, and there are dozens that no one has expressed any interest in yet.  We especially need a Mickey Smith, as our Martha will be a sad, lonely woman without her husband.

If you are interested, please see our post HERE about who people have expressed interest in, and drop us a message.  Just because there are names put down for a character does NOT mean they are closed, but please remember to consider minor characters as well.  If no one else has asked to play a certain character, you have a better chance of getting that role.

Thanks so much!

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Are you interested?

We have dozens of positions open, ranging from parts necessary to the function of our group, like Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper and River Song, down to people with much smaller roles such as Mrs. Hudson or Pete Tyler.

We want to know who is interested in joining as who.  Drop us a message, and we will update this list with your username next to your preferred character.  Keep in mind that more than one person may be interested in a particular character, and you may have to convince the admin with your application that you should be chosen instead.

Top priority characters are near the top of the list:

Jack Harkness:

Gwen Cooper:

River Song:

Mickey Smith: (married to Martha Jones, who is already on the site)

Mycroft Holmes: arlenejo

DI Lestrade:

Do not be discouraged if a name is already down for the character you want.  We will choose based on the merits of the RPer and what they can bring to the character and the site.

We will add more to the list as people bring them up.  Our current roster includes the following: The Doctor, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Jethro Cane, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Molly Hooper, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, and Ianto Jones.  Any applications for these parts will not be accepted.

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More information coming soon.  Stay tuned.

posted 2 years ago on Dec 05