WANTED: Marvel
AGE:  18
FACE CLAIM: Jack Quaid

Marvel and Cato have been best friends since middle school. They met with their mutual love for comic books and zombie movies. They’ve been through everything together—from detention to streaking naked across the football field together as a dare. Their bromance knows no bounds.

(Details concerning his background/family are completely up to player)


WELCOME TO PANEM HIGH: Home of the Mockingjays!

This is an RP based on the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. It is set not in the distant post-apocalyptic future, however, but in our own universe at present-day—In High School. Having removed the social and political commentary about the Rebellion and the state of the world, what is left is the basis of character development. Here is where the fun begins.

Characters communicate via tumblr and AIM like normal teenagers.



Guys I need this. I play Cato and I need this. Cato tags everything relating to Marvel as #captainamerica. They’re going to see the Avengers together.

I swear to you. Marvel is not just some dumb minor character. He’s a gold mine of epic proportions. Tell your kids. Tell your wife.

posted 2 years ago on Apr 12