So my wedding photos came back. The pro ones? Aside from the Prison-Line-Up pics of the family, there are no pictures of my face. I keep telling myself it’s because I’m a werewolf and my eyes messed with the camera and not because I’m kind of an ugly cow.

Also, I’m showing off Martin’s hair in the last picture (he’s dancing with his mother) because he is half-Mexican, half-Native American and his hair may totally be the reason I love long-haired-native-american Cecil so much.


Posted on Aug 26, 2013
Tagged: #wedding #personal #evbb

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  1. spooonsnake said: wahh this is adorable, you guys are the bestest ♥
  2. burqueef said: pls ur so pretpret
  4. bisexualisaac said: Congratulations!
  5. bossyfangs said: omfg you guys look so sweet wow *3* i just wanna hug both of youuuuu!
  6. einduil said: y’all are adorable, these are very sweet
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