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The fact that there are voter registration booths up everywhere and there’s a massive increase in voter registration in Ferguson and Florissant and Dellwood gives me hope. My voting station this year was pretty empty. Maybe it’ll be full next time.

Asshole Republican leaders calling it inappropriate and disgusting just pisses me off.

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*passive aggressive mom dramatically putting away dishes and denying help*

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i just wanted to put this out there since im sure it’ll get written about differently tomorrow. 

So when Yahoo!News or MSNBC talks about “protests turned into rioting and looting” (as you know they will), here’s what really happened. It doesn’t match the narrative of uncivilized black folks running amok, so it’ll probably be ignored.

Would MSN do something like that? Oh, wait:
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don’t trust people that dislike tyler posey

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Literary Birthday - 16 August

Happy Birthday, Diana Wynne Jones, born 16 August 1934, died 26 March 2011

Five Quotes

  1. Things we are accustomed to regard as myth or fairy story are very much present in people’s lives. Nice people behave like wicked stepmothers. Every day.
  2. I mean one of the things about being alone is that you’ve no people to define yourself off.
  3. It seems to me that humour is everybody’s way of keeping sane and standing off from the situations so that they can see it intellectually, as well as emotionally.
  4. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but if somebody tells a joke, it’s nearly always a mini fantasy.
  5. I have this very strong feeling that everybody is probably a genius at something, it’s just a question of finding this.

Diana Wynne Jones was an English writer of fantasy novels for children and adults. She is famous for the Chrestomanci and the Dalemark series, and the novels: Howl’s Moving Castle, Dark Lord of Derkholm  and The Tough Guide to Fantasyland.

Source for Image

by Amanda Patterson for Writers Write

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im really curious what happened in those 22 comments

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